May 5, 2008

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If you would like to purchase a photograph or have a question please contact Michael at the information below:

Michael Halminski
P.O. Box 148
Waves, North Carolina 27982

tel. (252) 987-2401
michael @


  1. hello michael.. I recently came across a note card with your photography of a skipjack on it you made in 1982. I am looking to produce some note cards of my photography for a botanical garden in St Croix. The cards are folded about 4.25 x 6 inches. Would you mind sharing a printer of cards like this. I have done some google searches but I would rather know of a printer used by another photographer that likes there work. Thank you in Advance. Eric
    By the way, that is a very nice image

    Comment by eric crossan — May 9, 2010 @ 9:17 pm

  2. Eric,
    Thanks for your comment. I have contacted you by private email.
    St. Croix is surely a wonderful location for a photography.

    Comment by j0jgvm89bj — May 10, 2010 @ 1:02 pm

  3. Hello Michael,
    We recently met you while visiting OuterBanks, and enjoyed seeing your photography! We’re framing the Cape Hatteras Light poster and thankful to find this beautiful print. We do continue to search for Cape Hatteras Lighthouse seascape photo/24×36 landscape/ preferably before the move. (Lighthouse-ocean-sand-blue skies)
    By the way…the photo you shared of your young owl living in your yard strikes my interest too. I’m interested in learning more on size/costs involved for this photo.
    Aaron & Linda

    Comment by Aaron & Linda Sensabaugh — June 27, 2010 @ 10:47 am

  4. Hi Mike,

    Thanks for the memories the soul surfing section of your website evoked! Lovely site! Bev

    Comment by Beverly Bull — November 22, 2010 @ 10:15 pm

  5. Mike, how are you? Did you evacuate for Irene? Do you have a cell #

    Comment by Ryan — August 29, 2011 @ 9:48 pm

  6. Hello Mike …
    Just “happened” upon your site (by way of some Irene info) …. LOVE your work! Haven’t finished looking at every photo but what I’ve seen so far is awesome photography. Years ago I used to spend a lot of time on the Outer Banks … now, it’s been years since I’ve been there … well over 25. Nice to go back, albeit virtually. Thanks for sharing your wonderful work in photography …. it helps inspire us “wannabe’s” ….. Have a great weekend!


    Comment by Vicky — September 9, 2011 @ 12:19 pm

  7. Dear Michael, Carol Lang, former 5th grade teacher at CHS, sent me your web site. It is one of the best I have ever seen. One could spend hours viewing your photos!! I can’t imagine how long it took you to get it perfect!
    I did a (personal) watercolor of the old Pea Island bridge and hunting house, in the fog. I loved that photo and it was a true challange to get it right in watercolor. It is now one of my favoite paintings!
    We sold your calendars for many years at the Pirate’s Chest in Frisco and Ocracoke. I was also the first art teacher at CHS. So, I truly appreciate your work and dedication all these years.
    Hoping to move back to the Island—storms and all!
    Keep up the good work! Linda Monsell

    Comment by Linda Monsell — October 17, 2011 @ 8:49 am

  8. Hey Mike! How’s it going? Recently heard some sad news about our friend Robin. Didn’t want to call you in the midst of all this weather… I’ll give you a call if we ever have “normal” again. Let me know if there is anything I can do. Bev

    Comment by Beverly Bull — March 8, 2013 @ 11:03 pm

  9. Hi Michael – Greetings from NJ (this is Carol’s nephew) we just got home from Salvo last night. Great job with your gallery as always.

    It’s going to take me quite a while to sift through my m4/3’s snapshots from my visit, but here’s a Terrapin I moved off the road in Ocracoke –

    Comment by Dave Blinder — June 1, 2014 @ 8:22 am

  10. Michael,
    Hope y’all did okay through the winter. I was in last summer looking for an areal of the break through at S Turns. Unfortunately, no luck with that, but I love the pic you did of Barton’s shop in 1978 (the color is displayed on your gallery page). I was wondering if it is possible to convert it to convert to black and white and if so how much it would be?

    Comment by Clay Weisberg — March 29, 2015 @ 10:37 am

  11. Hey Mike,

    Hope you and Denise are doing well. We will be coming down to Salvo with my mom and dad next month, so maybe we’ll see you guys. I just found your blog and love reading the Outer Banks history and seeing your photos. We like to write about our travels on a blog as well. I just made some posts about the Outer Banks and it reminded me of you and inspired me to search for your work online. Check it out at – hope you enjoy.


    Comment by John & Jolyn Preston-Ermanis — November 22, 2015 @ 8:07 pm

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