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My regular in-season gallery hours are Monday through Saturday 10 until 6.

I tell my customers that anytime I am on the premises, I will open for them.

During the off-season, I usually do not maintain regular hours.

When in doubt, please call for an appointment.

11 thoughts on “Visit the Gallery

  1. Herman Schlimmer

    Is you studio generally open. I visit Waves a few times a year and would like to stop by. Is this possible?
    Thx-Herman – Colonial Heights, VA

  2. j0jgvm89bj Post author

    Hi Herman,
    During the tourist season, I do keep regular studio hours, and even when I don’t in the off-season, people are always welcome to come in when I’m around.
    Thanks for asking.

  3. Herman Schlimmer

    Thanks for getting back to me. I have always admired your work and follow your blog regulaly. No scheduled trips until September, so if not before, I’ll drop by then.
    Thanks again-Herman

  4. Jo M.

    Just finished reading your latest blog. Not only are you a gifted photographer but a wonderful writer as well.
    Always enjoy reading your articles.

  5. Christy Bright

    I am wondering if you sell the waterspout 2004 photo and what the costs are for sizes? Thanks, love your work!!

  6. Keith


    My family and I stopped by to visit your studio on Thursday. Great place, great photography, and moreover you are a great guy. Thanks for the conversation and the Irene photo. Keep up the great work.


  7. j0jgvm89bj Post author

    I enjoyed your visit as well.
    Operating my own gallery here has been a great opportunity
    to engage with folks enjoying this wonderful place.
    Stop in again. My best to you and yours.

  8. Elizabeth Dupree

    Hi Michael, I’m heading back to Hatteras Island the third week in October and had hoped to visit your gallery. But looking at your posts you probably will be somewhere out at sea. I purchased two of your prints when I lived in Buxton 1979-1980. So I was hoping to add a third to my collection. I have loved the Least Tern and Skimmer prints you took back then. Enjoy your trip and maybe I’ll catch you sometime in the future.

  9. Sallie Hendrick

    We are here until Friday Nov 10.

    I would love to visit your gallery. I am interested in aerial views of Rodanthe back in thr 1980s or earlier.

    We stay on Surfside drive and the house we rent was 2nd row and it now oceanfront. O would like to see older images.

  10. j0jgvm89bj Post author

    Sure Sallie, please stop in. I don’t have aerials from that time in print, but will need to do some digging into the archives. I know I have some black and white negatives that may be of interest.
    Thanks, Michael

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