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My regular in-season gallery hours are Monday through Saturday 10 until 6.

I tell my customers that anytime I am on the premises, I will open for them.

During the off-season, I usually do not maintain regular hours.

When in doubt, please call for an appointment.

7 thoughts on “Visit the Gallery

  1. Herman Schlimmer

    Is you studio generally open. I visit Waves a few times a year and would like to stop by. Is this possible?
    Thx-Herman – Colonial Heights, VA

  2. j0jgvm89bj Post author

    Hi Herman,
    During the tourist season, I do keep regular studio hours, and even when I don’t in the off-season, people are always welcome to come in when I’m around.
    Thanks for asking.

  3. Herman Schlimmer

    Thanks for getting back to me. I have always admired your work and follow your blog regulaly. No scheduled trips until September, so if not before, I’ll drop by then.
    Thanks again-Herman

  4. Jo M.

    Just finished reading your latest blog. Not only are you a gifted photographer but a wonderful writer as well.
    Always enjoy reading your articles.

  5. Christy Bright

    I am wondering if you sell the waterspout 2004 photo and what the costs are for sizes? Thanks, love your work!!

  6. Keith


    My family and I stopped by to visit your studio on Thursday. Great place, great photography, and moreover you are a great guy. Thanks for the conversation and the Irene photo. Keep up the great work.


  7. j0jgvm89bj Post author

    I enjoyed your visit as well.
    Operating my own gallery here has been a great opportunity
    to engage with folks enjoying this wonderful place.
    Stop in again. My best to you and yours.

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