Hurricane Sandy

This has been one of the most unusual storms that I have been through. All seemed normal as Sandy came up offshore. We see lots of systems doing this. Northeast winds are fairly typical with those types of storms. Most of the time they recurve out to sea, and go away.

Last night as Sandy came more abreast of Hatteras, winds became more northerly. Then in passing further northward, we got the expected winds of north west and kicking in a little harder.

This morning the wind direction went more west. Coupled with high lunar tides, we began to see the waters of Pamlico Sound rising. By about 10am, the water was a little over a foot deep in the yard. At 11, I noticed a slight drop in the water depth.

Yesterday everyone picked spots of higher ground to park vehicles. It seemed most folks chose the parking lot at the strip mall in Waves.

The Pamlico Sound tide didn’t drop as much as I had expected, but I knew darn well it would get higher. It rained all day Sunday, with my rain gauge registering 9 inches.

Last night I brought in my friendly felines. Here Grey Guy relaxes with Big Foot. At 2 years old, this is their third hurricane.

The sound tide began coming in about 6 o’clock, and kept rising until 10 or so.

The water was all around my studio, and seemed to level off by 11am.

We heard a home at Mirlo Beach fell into the sea, but this won’t be the only loss, by a long shot.

I’m hopeful that this will be the extent of our dealing with Sandy, then we can begin putting our lives back together.

3 thoughts on “Hurricane Sandy

  1. Beth

    I am glad you guys weathered it as well as can be expected. We’ve been keeping our eyes on the news and all of you in our thoughts! Best of luck with the cleanup and thanks for the update.

  2. Jo M.

    Just decided to check your site to see if you had any pictures. When I called Denise yesterday she said you had gone down to the beach. Nice pictures. I always enjoy seeing pictures of your house. Those pictures are indeed worth a thousand words and give us a better understanding as to what you and Denise are going through.

  3. Dan

    I knew you would ride out the storm, so glad to hear you made it thru another one safely.
    It is crazy that people seem to think the beach is suitable for building. It changes like the seasons and the annual migration that used to bring me there.
    I am glad to have experienced those years there and every time I read the blog and see your pics, I get to re-experience those memories.
    Take care my friend.

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