Sandy Waves

Yesterday the hurricane surged sound tide, flooded our town and streets. We waited it out with our vehicles stowed on higher ground, unable to drive anywhere. My vehicle of choice became a pair of chest waders. I walked to the ocean front to take in the spectacle of hurricane surf. The center of the storm was passing to our northeast, and the winds were howling from a westerly direction.

The beach was strewn with debris. There were pieces of houses and decks.

And there were pieces of Rodanthe Pier. This is the end, complete with rod holders. Lumber is a precious commodity, and I wish I could take it home with me.

After seeing powerful storms for most of my life, I’m still in awe with the experience.

2 thoughts on “Sandy Waves

  1. KAtherine Augustson

    Your pictures are great ! Thank you for putting them on your website to share with all of us who must live away from “HOME” these days. It saddens me so much to see how the Island we all love so much is going through all these painful changes. Mankind is no match for THE MIGHTY ATLANTIC!
    K. Augustson

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