A Walk Through Mirlo

Storms are unique experiences, and it’s a relief when they’re over. This time around, we had the luxury of having all our utilities in tact. Other than a little apprehension and loss of conceptual time, life here was not too bad.

The tide was down this morning, so we got the truck and drove north for a walk through Mirlo. I started taking pictures there over 35 years ago, long before the subdivision was developed. I’ve seen the road moved, destroyed and rebuilt multiple times. It has become a wonder and curiosity for me. I hardly ever get bored observing it. Walking it after a storm, I get feelings of deja vu.

It’s a battle of man against nature. Nature is winning and Mirlo Beach is washing away. The sign at the entrance to the subdivision  reads: “Dare to Dream the Impossible Dream”.

An occupant of this house didn’t heed warnings, and had to be rescued during the storm. The hawser supplied by the rescuers is still tied in place.

Here is what’s left of the victim’s pick up truck.

This is Mirlo’s last stand.

Utility rooms under some Mirlo cottages were destroyed .

A leaner stands second in line from the north end.

The cottage on the very end was recently moved back and new piles installed. Ten feet of sand and renovations to the property were washed away. The house is condemned once again.

Pools at Mirlo Beach oceanfront are not a good idea.

The sign at Seagull Street succumbed to the ocean’s power.

Here’s that guy’s truck again. No free parking here.

Recovery will take some time. There’s miles of roadwork, and our only physical link to the mainland is by ferry, again. It’s an island and always will be.

3 thoughts on “A Walk Through Mirlo

  1. Anonymous

    Thank you for your pics. I am Nathan,s mother in law. He and Heather as well as us on the OBX send our support and prayers.

  2. Valerie Halminski Templeton

    Dear Michael,
    I have been concerned for u both and prayed that u two would be able to hang in there during Sandy. Your photos, as usual, capture it all, with emotion. How did your house fare this time around? Please let us know how you’re doing.
    Your California Cousin,
    Val and husband, Dick

  3. Jenn

    I appreciate your pictures SO much. I have been trying to find out how some friends of my family that live in Waves are doing and I noticed their vehicle in one of your pictures that you posted which is a very good sign!

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