Methodist Church – prints available on request

Among the first images that I made in the early morning of May 26th, on the Portsmouth Village assignment, was the old Methodist Church. Probably the most prominent building in the historic district, it is well restored and maintained. One of the most salient features of the church is it’s list to the right, as a result of exposure to winds and storms. Looking under the building, one can see the old ship timbers that make up the floor framing. Interestingly, many old buildings on the Outer Banks were constructed from salvaged shipwrecks.

3 thoughts on “Methodist Church – prints available on request

  1. uncle eddie

    I’ve always heard alot about Portsmouth. It’s great that the park service has kept watch on this beautiful place. Lets hope they let it stay pristine. Do they limit the #of visitors there? I hear they’re doing it at places like Yosemite with great success. You have some great stuff Michael. When I’m in your area (Waves,NC) I’ll definitely be stopping by for a better look at all of your work. After all, no place is ever like it used to be and I’m sure you’ve been able to captured many moments that would be hard to replicate today, considering all the development that’s gone on there. It’s not so much, as they say in Costa Rica, the “Pura Vida” it once was. I’m sure you’ve seen alot of changes.

  2. uncle eddie

    Oh, and I had no idea that some of the old buildings were constructed from old shipwrecks. They had to utilize whatever they could out there. Are there any of those wild horses there like in Corolla NC and Assateague Island, VA?

  3. j0jgvm89bj Post author

    There are no wild horses on Portsmouth, although at one time, there may have been. There is a significant number of horses though, on Shackleford Banks south of Portsmouth Island. North of Portsmouth is Ocracoke Island, part of Cape Lookout National Seashore. The wild horses there are kept in a corral to ensure their safety.

    Thanks for your comments.


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