Cypress Trees at Lake Phelps

Last Friday I shot another magazine assignment. This time I drove inland to visit North Carolina’s second largest natural lake. Lake Phelps is a part of Pettigrew State Park. It encompasses over 16,000 acres and is surrounded by some beautiful old growth forest. This image was made at a very scenic spot called Moccasin Overlook. Cypress trees are found around much of the lake, but here one also notices an abundant amount of Spanish moss. It hugs the trees as if someone has come in and wrapped it all around, like garland on a Christmas tree.

Pocosin National Wildlife Refuge is nearby, and has been fraught with wildfires for the past several weeks. There’s been more than 60,000 acres burned. In order to control the flames, firefighters have been pumping water from the lake, enough to bring the water level down several inches. These Bald Cypress normally have water all around them.