Holiday Weekend

This morning my rain gauge showed 2 ½ inches of overnight rainfall. Despite that, with Memorial Day here, we’ve officially begun our high season for tourism. The rain from Tropical Depression Bonnie, will likely continue off and on over the next few days. Today is a washout, but yesterday was gorgeous with pleasant ocean breezes. We peddled bikes to the Rodanthe Pier to check things out before the downpour.

EastOut on the pier, folks were enjoying the sunny sea breeze.

South                                 Looking south, it didn’t look like a typical Memorial Day Weekend.

North                                 With rain in the forecast, beach goers weren’t packed in as they’d normally be.

EndThe end of the pier isn’t out nearly as far as it used to be. It’s been destroyed continuously by storms and rebuilt multiple times.

WestIn the Summer, there’s nothing like hanging out at the pier. Many of the same people return year after year, building memories along the way.

NWI noticed the dramatic sky shaping up, courtesy of Tropical Depression Bonnie. The clouds are always beautiful, yet at the same time so ominous.

1 thought on “Holiday Weekend

  1. Robb

    I have a fondness for that pier, too. This is from my book (Lyrics and Poems from the Shenandoah) and I thought I’d add this here for any interested readers of your awesome photoblog. I hope you enjoy!

    Rodanthe Pier – by Robert Foster

    Standing on Rodanthe pier
    Surrounded by the sea
    What care, have I, as morning’s fire
    Aroused the willets free

    Resting, here, well past the breakers
    Dawn regales her hues
    As pelicans begin the day
    A plover skims the dunes

    Breathing deep the brackish breezes
    Blending on the air
    With fragrances of briny pine
    I savor, scents, so rare

    The ocean with its constant might
    ?Can pound upon her furious
    And laughing gulls, despite it’s fact
    Must find this structure curious

    The crashing waves, their constant roar
    Melt to a distant din
    My worries, once, that loomed so large
    Seem small, to my chagrin…

    Soon enough, I’ll wander on
    And I’ll begin the day
    But all the worries once possessed
    No longer, hold their fray

    At rest, in peace, without a word
    Lord help me hold this view
    That if I walk alone today
    My trials are so few

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