Carey’s Garden

Last Spring my best friend, Robin, had several of us over for dinner and drinks. It’s not at all unusual to be socializing in this special house. Now the only thing different is that Robin’s wife, Carey, is no longer with us, as she once was. Carey, a dear friend to many, passed away last August after a 2 year battle with cancer. Carey was many things…. a devoted Family Nurse Practitioner, caregiver, wife, friend, gardener, not to mention her ability to bring people together…. celebrating life.

That Spring day as we gathered, the setting sun emitted a wondrous light, I thought about shooting a beautiful landscape out on the beach. But as I stood in that yard with my friend April, the landscape magically appeared in Carey’s garden….. where she had nurtured it for so many years. Despite her absence, as its caretaker for several months, the garden took on a beautiful and breathtaking quality. Splotches of color burst out in floral displays. There’s a turtle, a dog and some whimsical snails gracing the block wall that she built. Even the chair under a magnificent eucalyptus tree that she planted, invited one to sit and admire this creation.

In her memory, a scholarship fund was established to help those islanders that endeavor to follow Carey’s care giving path. At a recent fund raiser attended by hundreds in our community, this image of Carey’s Garden brought in a high bid of $400. After the auction many expressed an interest in having their own print of Carey’s Garden. Due to this demand, I am offering limited edition, signed copies for $200, of which $100 will be donated to the scholarship fund. All prints are made using archival paper and ink. Matting, shipping and sales tax when applicable are extra.

4 thoughts on “Carey’s Garden

  1. j0jgvm89bj Post author

    I should mention that the prints will be limited to an edition of 50. On Friday I sold #1, so that’s a $100 donation to The Carey LeSieur Scholarship Fund.

  2. Sophie Ouellet

    This is moving… very moving… I’d love a picture of her garden – I’ll contact you soon, if you have any left.

  3. Julie Lester

    This touching photograph will go to one of Carey’s dear friends Kathy Reiney-Peterson. We all lived on Kauai and worked as nurses together at Wilcox, hiked together, shared many special times in a very special place. I recall every Christmas when Carey was writing her Christmas cards,how eager for Spring to begin so she could begin working in her garden! Her hands were truely a gift between the talents of nursing, needlework, hula, and her gardening! I feel honored to have known her and can feel her presence in this photo.

  4. Carlee Iverson

    Hey Michael….Do you have any copies left of Carey’s Garden? I would love to have one in my house in the mountains. I think this would be a wonderful reminder of what a special person Carey truly was, and I miss her very much!!

    Hope all is well with you guys……


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